Previous Rent Ordinances

effective for notices served prior to March 31, 2016

22 day moratorium extension 

60 day moratorium exctension 

On November 5, 2015, the City of Alameda adopted an ordinance (Ordinance 3140, amended by Ordinance 3143) that for 65 days prohibits a landlord from increasing rents for certain rental units by 8% or more on a cumulative basis over the past 12 months, and prohibits, for most rental units, a landlord from evicting a tenant except for "just cause”.

Temporary moratorium on rent increase of 8% or more and restricted evictions except for "just cause". View Frequently Asked Questions. 

Ordinance 3132 amends the Alameda Municipal Code by adding section 2-23 to Article II of concerning creation of Rent Review Advisory Committee (RRAC).  

Ordinance 3131 shares language required when noticing tenants of a rent increase that explains the tenant's rights for review by the Rent Review Advisory Committee. Required Notice to Tenants.