Rent Review Advisory Committee (RRAC)


    The Committee meets the first Monday of the month (unless a holiday). Valid rent increase documents filed by the 10th will be reviewed on the first Monday of the following month.  This schedule may vary depending on volume of rent increases submitted. Contact staff for more information.


    The Committee is made up of five volunteers: two landlords, two tenants, and one homeowner. Members are not advocates for tenants and landlords, rather the Committee supports dialogue between parties. Members are appointed by the Mayor with confirmation by the City Council.

     The RRAC consists of 2 Tenants, 2 Landlords and 1 Homeowner who is neither a Tenant nor Landlord.

    Common factors under consideration by the Committee include but are not limited to:


    The Rent Review Advisory Committee does not provide legal advice. Each landlord and tenant is responsible for seeking the advice of legal counsel on any matters or document related to their specific circumstances.

    Accessible seating for persons with disabilities is available. Documents prepared for the meeting are available in enlarged print, tape, or disk form upon request. Sign language interpreters are available on request. Please contact the Program Administrator at (510) 747-4346 at least 24 hours before the meeting for such requests.

    Interested in becoming a RRAC member? Please click here for more information.