Termination of Tenancy        


This information applies only to terminations for:

  • Notice to Vacate for No Cause

  • Owner Move-In

  • Demolition

  • Capital Improvement Plan

  • Withdrawal from the rental market

  • Compliance with a governmental order

Terminations for the reasons below must follow state law, but are NOT required to be filed with the Rent Stabilization Program.

  • Failure to pay rent

  • Breach of lease

  • Nuisance

  • Failure to give access


1. Overview guide to terminations of tenancy 

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3. Frequently asked questions 


4. Relocation assistance & extended stay


5. Termination of tenancy forms:

Landlord Forms

Tenant Forms

TERMINATION NOTICES: a lANDLORD MUST FILE THIS FORM Concerning a Notice of Termination of Tenancy IDENTIFIED IN Section 6-58.030 D, Alameda Municipal Code.

tERMINATION FOR NO CAUSE: A Landlord must file this form within 30 days from the date a new tenancy has been created for a rental unit following the termination of the previous tenancy for “no cause”.

tERMINATION FOR oWNER mOVE-iN: A landlord must file this form when the previous tenancy was terminated for “Owner Move-In” AND  the indicated person (on the termination of tenancy notice) has moved into the unit.

a tenant MAY SUBMIT THIS FORM to request review of a notice to terminate THEIR tenancy for no cause or no fault.

Forms Submission:

E-mail: rrac@alamedahsg.org
Fax: (510) 864-0879
Mail/ In-Person: 701 Atlantic Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501