Termination of Tenancy


The following resources apply only to terminations for:

  • Owner Move-In

  • Demolition

  • Capital Improvement Plan

  • Withdrawal from the rental market

  • Compliance with a governmental order

Terminations for the reasons below must follow state law, but are NOT required to be filed with the Rent Stabilization Program.

  • Failure to pay rent

  • Breach of lease

  • Nuisance

  • Failure to give access

Please take note: The expiration of the term of a lease is not grounds for termination of the tenancy. Click here for more information.



Landlord Forms


TERMINATION NOTICES: A landlord must file this form concerning a notice of termination of tenancy identified in Section 6-58.030 D, Alameda Municipal Code.

Click here(PDF, 170KB) to download the form.


TERMINATION NOTICE FOR WITHDRAWAL FROM THE RENTAL MARKET: A landlord may use these forms to proceed with a termination of tenancy to withdraw a property permanently from the rental market.


PROOF OF SERVICE: A landlord may use this form to document that a tenant has been served any documents required by the rent ordinance.

Click here(PDF, 230KB) to download the form.


BUYOUT OFFER: A landlord must use this form when serving a tenant with a buyout offer.

Click here(PDF, 191KB) to download the form.

Monitoring Forms


TERMINATION FOR NO CAUSE: A landlord must file this form within 30 days from the date a new tenancy has been created for a rental unit following the termination of the previous tenancy for "No Cause".

Click here(PDF, 454KB) to download the form.


TERMINATION FOR OWNER MOVE-IN: A landlord must file this form when the previous tenancy was terminated for "Owner Move-In" and the indicated person (on the Termination of Tenancy notice) has moved into the unit.

Click here(PDF, 161KB) to download the form.


TERMINATION BASED ON WITHDRAWAL FROM THE RENTAL MARKET: A landlord must file this form if a rental unit has been withdrawn from the rental market under the Ellis Act policy and there is a change in the status of the unit.

Click here(PDF, 124KB) to download the form.    

Tenant Forms 


A tenant may submit this form to request review of a notice to terminate their tenancy for No Cause or No Fault.

Click here(PDF, 320KB) to download the form.