Permanent Relocation Payment Schedule

Relocation assistance is owed when a tenancy is terminated for any of the following grounds:

  • Owner Move-In

  • Demolition

  • Capital Improvement Plan

  • Permanent withdrawal from the rental market

  • Compliance with a governmental order

Relocation Amount

Please refer to the Permanent Relocation Schedule below. A “Qualified Tenant Household” means a household with a Tenant who is (i) is a Senior Adult, (ii) is a person with a Disability or (iii) has at least one child under the age of 18 residing in the household.

Rental Unit

Base Amount

Qualified Tenant Household Amount




 1 bedroom



 2 bedrooms



 3 bedrooms



 4+ bedrooms



 Amounts effective 7/1/2024

One-half of the payment is due within three business days after the tenant has informed the landlord, in writing, that the tenant will vacate the rental unit on a date no later than the date provided in the notice terminating the tenancy. The other half of the relocation payment is owed within three business days after the tenant has (i) vacated the rental unit by no more than two calendar days after the date provided in the notice; and (ii) removed all of the tenant’s personal property from the rental unit and/or from other property of the landlord, such as a storage unit.