City Attorney's Office Issues Rent Program Annual Report for 2023

Published on February 15, 2024

On Thursday February 15th, the Rent Program published its 2023 Annual Report. 

The Rent Program completed its first full calendar year as a division of the City Attorney's Office after making the transition from the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda in fall 2022. The annual report details Rent Program activities during 2023 and presents data on cases, submissions, registration and Alameda's rental market.  

Report Highlights include:

  • In an average month, program staff responded to 761 inquiries
  • Staff processed 78 requests to verify compliance with rent regulations
  • Staff processed 45 termination of tenancy and 19 buyout agreements
  • Staff hosted 26 informational workshops
  • Staff coordinated 28 rent adjustment hearings. 
  • More than $46,000 was refunded to 53 tenants following invalid rent increases
  • Staff obtained tenancy information for 437 previously unregistered rental units, reducing the remaining unregistered units to less than 5% of all rental units citywide.


View Report Here(PDF, 3MB)

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