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2016 Election Results Update:

Based on information from the Registrar of Voters Office, unofficially Measure L1, a City Council sponsored measure concerning rent review, rent stabilization and limitations on evictions has been approved by the voters.  The Registrar, however, is continuing to count votes and the results concerning Measure L1 will not be certified until early December.

Measure L1 retains in place the City’s existing Ordinance concerning rent review, rent stabilization and limitations on evictions and that Ordinance will remain in place unless and until it is amended, suspended or repealed by the Alameda City Council. Please continue to submit Rent Increase and Termination Documentation to the Housing Authority.

The Program Administrator has prepared an Information Packet and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) to assist landlords and tenants in understanding and implementing the Ordinance.

2016 ELECTION - RENT MEASURES There are two City measures on the November 2016 ballot for voters to consider in regards to rentals:Measure L1, the Rent Stabilization Act, andMeasure M1, the Charter Amendment to Establish Rent Control, a Rent Control Board and Regulate Termination of Tenancies.
VIEW LWV COMPARISON League of Women Voters of Alameda Comparison of Measure L1 and Measure M1