Tenant Forms

Submitting forms:

  • Almost all forms may be submitted by email to rentprogram@alamedaca.gov.
  • Many common forms can be submitted online by logging in to the Alameda Rent Registry.
  • You may contact staff to request a link to complete the form via DocuSign.
  • Forms may be submitted by mail or fax.
  • A 24-hour drop box is located on Oak Street between City Hall and the Alameda Police Department and is checked daily. [map]

RENT PETITION:  Tenants may use these forms to request review of matters related to their monthly rent payments, including a) petitioning for a downward adjustment of rent, b) contesting the registration information submitted by the landlord or the determination of Maximum Allowable Rent, and/or c) requesting staff review of a rent increase notice.


  • Cover Form: Complete for all requests. Click to download(PDF, 115KB)

  • Attachment A - Tenant Petition for a Downward Rent Adjustment: Tenants of units subject to rent control may file this attachment to request a hearing for a downward rent adjustment based on a reduction in housing services, living space, or amenities; a substantial deterioration of the property; and/or the landlord's failure to comply with applicable housing, health, and safety codes or the City's rent ordinances and regulations. Click to download(PDF, 132KB)

  • Attachment B - Tenant Petition Concerning the Base Rent or the Maximum Allowable Rent Determination: Tenants of units subject to rent control may file this attachment to contest 1) the Base Rent or Housing Services included with the Base Rent as reported by the landlord, or 2) the Program Administrator's determination of the Maximum Allowable Rent - Click to download(PDF, 106KB)

  • Attachment C - Tenant Request to Review Rent Increases: Any tenant may file this attachment to request that program staff review a rent increase notice to ensure that it complies with the City's rent ordinances and regulations - Click to download(PDF, 171KB)

TERMINATION OF TENANCY NOTICE: A tenant may submit this form to request review of a termination of tenancy for No Cause or No Fault.


REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION: This form may be used by clients or applicants to request a reasonable accommodation so that an individual with a disability may have equal opportunity to use and enjoy participation in any of the programs conducted by the Rent Program.


Click here(PDF, 121KB) to download the form