Rent Registry

The online Rent Registry is available for landlords and property managers to submit, verify, and update registration information; pay the annual program fee; and more. Tenants may also create an account to file petitions. 

Landlords must register all rental units with the Rent Program (see Section 6-58.55, Alameda Municipal Code). By now, all rental units should have been registered. If you have an unregistered property, please contact the Rent Program immediately.

The extended deadline to pay the 2021-2022 annual program fee has passed. For most property owners who have not paid their fees, a 10% penalty was applied beginning October 1, 2021, with an additional 10% to be added each successive month until a maximum penalty of 60% has been reached. If you have unpaid fees, please log in to your Rent Registry account to pay by credit card or contact the Rent Program.

Click here to read more about the 2021-22 annual program fee.


UserGuide.jpg  Rent Registry User Guide


RegistrationSteps.png  Overview of Registration Steps(PDF, 79KB)


Criteria.jpg  Summary of Registration Criteria(PDF, 79KB)


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