Rent Registry

The online Rent Registry is available for landlords and property managers to submit, verify, and update registration information; pay the annual program fee; and more. Tenants may also create an account to file petitions. 

Landlords must register all rental units with the Rent Program (see Section 6-58.55, Alameda Municipal Code). By now, all rental units should have been registered. If you have an unregistered property, please contact the Rent Program immediately.

The 2023-2024 annual program fee is now due. If the fee is not paid before September 1, 2023, a 10% late penalty will be applied with an additional 10% to be added each successive month until a maximum penalty of 60% has been reached. If you have unpaid fees, please log in to your Rent Registry account to pay by credit card or contact the Rent Program.

Click here to read more about the 2023-24 annual program fee.



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Landlords of units subject to rent control are required to register new tenancies within 30 days of the start date. Landlords may log in to their registry accounts to report a new tenancy or to update a unit's current rent. See the user guide for more information.

Each year, before payment of the annual fee is due, landlords of registered properties will have an opportunity to verify information in the Rent Registry, apply for any new exemptions from the annual fee, and certify that vacant units will remain vacant. Notices are mailed to all landlords when this period begins. Landlords will also receive a mailed invoice with the amount owed based on current information in the registry.

Do you need to:

  • Submit registration information for an unregistered property?
  • Register a home that has been recently added to the rental market?
  • Apply for a exemption after the payment period has begun?

Contact the Rent Program at or 510-747-7520. Staff can prepare the property in the Rent Registry to allow you to make changes online and/or direct you to the proper forms to submit.


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